Author Services

Welcome to the Language Editing Service at AX Publications. This service is dedicated to enhancing the quality of your manuscript by improving clarity, grammar, and formatting to meet our publication standards. Our team of expert editors will work with you to refine your submission, ensuring it communicates your research effectively. Let us help you make your work the best it can be.

At AX Publications, our English Language Editing service is designed to polish and perfect your research manuscripts. We offer various editing packages, each tailored to match the level of support your work needs, from essential grammar checks to comprehensive editorial reviews. Our services ensure your manuscript adheres to international scholarly standards, enhancing its clarity and readability. With options ranging from Premium Editing PLUS to Advanced Editing, we provide detailed feedback, an editing certificate, and even post-submission assistance. Explore our editing solutions to find the perfect fit for your manuscript, and rest assured with our quality and satisfaction guarantee.

Elite Editing Bundle (Starting at $0.09 per word): Offers in-depth editing with additional support after submitting your paper. Ideal for authors needing extensive revisions and advice for communicating with journal editors post-submission.

Most-Requested Editing Package (Starting at $0.08 per word): Tailored for preparing your manuscript for submission, focusing on the language and structure of your paper. The editor will also offer insights to enhance your manuscript's presentation.

Comprehensive Proofreading Option (Starting at $0.05 per word): A meticulous language review and final proofreading service, best for documents that are already well-structured and finalized by all contributing authors.